Daniel Tranel - Lab Director

We are doing research on various normal and pathological domains of Cognition, with a particular emphasis on the brain mechanisms of memory, language, emotions, as well as the brain mechanisms of attentional control, social cognition, and addiction. More information about current research is on the Research Interests page.

We also develop structural and functional imaging pipelines, as well as methodologies pertaining to the lesion methods.

With the help of multiple collaborators (see People page), we use a combination of methodologies, including psychophysics, psychophysiology, large-scale lesion studies, fMRI, electrophysiology and modeling. We perform fMRI experiments in brain damage patients to study the mechanisms of recovery of function and test anatomo-functional hypotheses.

The laboratory houses, manages and maintains the brain imaging database of the University of Iowa Patient Registry, one of the largest active registries of brain damage patients dedicated to cognitive neuroscience and neuropsychology research in the world. More information about facilities is on the Lab Resources page.

We support students of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience, and other programs at the University of Iowa.

We also contribute to projects of collaborators. We currently conduct brain imaging studies and lesion studies with topics ranging from network modeling of functional brain activity, automated lesion segmentation and transfer, personality change, and Huntingtin's disease.